Our plastic free journey so far…

We’ve been trying to reduce our plastic use and waste for a couple of years now and as we’ve been making changes I’ve kept a list of everything we’ve done so far. We’re not perfect, and I can’t see us fitting a year’s waste in a mason jar any time soon, but we have reduced our waste quite significantly. Our black bin is collected fortnightly and usually only has one bag of waste in and our recycling normally isn’t full. I thought I’d share our list of changes in case it provides any inspiration for changes you could make. The important thing is to start with changes that you know you’ll stick too and not try to do everything at once. Even changing one thing can make a big difference; after all, imagine the impact that would be made if we all gave up disposable coffee cups.

Blocks of butter in butter dish

Milk from milkman

Yogurt in glass jar from milkman

Vegetables from market

Making own bread

Soap instead of shower gel

Refillable washing up liquid

Refillable liquid soap

Refillable laundry liquid

Toilet rolls wrapped in paper

Reusable make up remover pads

Traditional razor blade

Wooden washing up brush

Bamboo toothbrush

Washing powder for washing machine

Box of dishwasher tablets

Shampoo bar

Apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner

Cosmetics in glass or packaging free

Shop for clothes made from natural fibres

Reusable coffee cups

Paper straws

Glass/stainless steel drinks bottles

Reusable shopping bags

No more kids magazines with toys

Fewer plastic toys

Make own cakes and biscuits

Make own pastry

Sandwiches wrapped in paper bags

Loose leaf tea instead of tea bags

Sunscreens in a tin

Wrap presents using no sellotape

Starting to grow own fruit and veg

Making beeswax wraps to replace cling film and foil

Making own pizza

Buy loose croissants and pains au chocolat

Using bottled ink and fountain pen

Buying veggie sausages in boxes

Using deodorant in glass bottle

Making own tortillas

Buying mainly secondhand clothes

Using plastic free dental floss

Plastic free sanitary towels

Making own biscuits

Refilling cereal and pasta

Darning, patching and mending clothes

Meal planning to cut food waste

Use rags and old cloths instead of kitchen roll

White vinegar for cleaning

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