Bathroom Cleaning

I’m still trying to perfect a more eco friendly bathroom cleaning routine. Along with ironing it’s one of my least favourite household chores but I force myself to give the bathroom a good scrub once a week. I’ve tried a variety of eco-friendly sprays but always get annoyed with having to buy a new spray bottle each time so I’ve settled on using a water and white vinegar mix (equal parts water and vinegar plus a few drops of lavender essential oil). It’s not perfect but it does make the taps and tiles nice and shiny and it’s good for the shower screen. We have a fairly ancient bath and basin, plus we live in hard water area so I do sometimes resort to a bit of Cif as my experiments with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda haven’t been terribly successful. I’m also still using bleach for the loo, although our local refill shop has started selling a loo cleaner so I’m going to try that when the bleach runs out.

The rest of my bathroom cleaning kit includes:

Loofah scrubbie which is 100% natural and biodegradable

Old rags (my children have been out of nappies for years but I kept the cotton liners from their cloth nappies and they’re fantastic for cleaning and wiping up spills)

Old toothbrush (bamboo of course!)

I’d love to eliminate the Cif so I’m tempted to try some of the eco cleaning kits that are on the market but need to do some more research to see if they’re as good as they sound.

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